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Experience the culture and customs of your destination!

Use Qooley to book activities that only a local resident can offer. These activities are meant to give you the most authentic experience of your destination. They are meant to allow you to explore the unique, hole-in-the-wall attractions that you never knew existed, but are worth exploring in order to truly experience the local life. Fully immerse yourself into the tastes, smells, and culture of your surroundings.


Indulge in activities that make you feel at home!

Use Qooley to book activities that are simply a continuation of your daily activities. Why give up on exercising, rock climbing, dancing, fishing etc. just because you are on a vacation? On Qooley, you can book these daily rituals and activities that you are very passionate about, with locals that offer them for groups at locations that are unique to your destination.


Immerse yourself in activities unique to the destination!

Use Qooley to book activities that are unique to your destination. For example, book a hiking trip in the Himalayas with a local who is experienced with the paths and terrains through the majestic mountain ranges. You do not have to spend hours doing research, buying equipment and materials, or trying to find directions when you get lost. By booking these activities with a knowledgeable local, you know you are in good hands. Go sightseeing, skiing, white water rafting, or explore any other activity that is only offered by your destination, while staying safe and feeling at ease..


Find a local to drive you around the city, or to destinations along the country-side!

Use Qooley to just book a local to drive you around. You might enjoy doing all the research yourself and planning your own itinerary, or you might just be on a business trip, or a family trip and need to meet business partners or family and friends. You can avoid getting lost driving in a new place with unknown streets and roads. Just booking a local that can drive you around, whether it’s for several hours or for multiple days. Go on a 3-day road-trip across the country and come back, with a local who is experienced with the roads, loves to drive, and will bring you back safe and sound.

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