Safety & Satisfaction

Your safety & satisfaction are our highest priorities

Qooleys offering various services on our platform are required to go through a comprehensive background check process. All Qooleys are required to pass the background checks, which includes Identity Verification, State Criminal Records Check, National Criminal Records Check, Federal Criminal Records Check, County Criminal Records Check, Sex Offender Registry Check, County & Federal Civil Records Check, and Driving Records Check (i.e. license status, violations & infarctions, accidents, suspensions or revocations, expiration date and endorsements).

Our mobile app also allows you (Traveler and Qooley) to cancel the activity within the duration of an activity or at any point after the completion of the activity. You can report such cancellations by using our mobile app in case of a No Show, Unsatisfactory Experience, Lost Item, Medical Incident, or Criminal Incident. In case of any incident reporting, Qooley, LLC will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action. For more information, please visit Terms & Conditions page and read the Report Incident Legal Review Section.

To ensure the legitimacy of activities as well as a satisfactory experience for the travelers, each & every activity created by Qooleys will be required to pass our quality standards. The activities will not be allowed to go live (i.e. populated in the search results) until they’re approved by our team at Qooley, LLC.