What you can Experience…


Are you a thrill-seeker? Get out there, get your blood pumping, and discover the adventurous side of you. Get wet, get muddy, climb mountains, spend a night in the desert, jump off a plane, race cars, dive off a cliff, go hunting, or engage in paintball battles. Explore the hidden adventures of your destination with experienced locals. Book your next adventure with a trusted local on Qooley!


Are you a non-stop partier? Or a cultural arts enthusiast? Tune into some soulful music at hearty Jazz clubs, get wild at concerts, admire the art of Opera, laugh away at a comedy club, take a tour of spooky haunted houses, attend a local fair, or catch your favorite sports game. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, get thoroughly entertained by a local on Qooley!


Explore magnificent works of art, admire marvelous architecture, learn interesting facts at museums, learn about the history of cities and towns, get an inside look at castles and palaces, get awed by natural wonders local to your destination, take a boat ride to hidden islands, or simply wander around the streets of a new neighborhood. See the world thru the eyes of a knowledgeable local on Qooley!

Food & Drinks

Indulge in the tastes and smells of a new culture, enjoy breathtaking views of city skylines from rooftop bars, get a fine dining experience at a Michelin star restaurant, taste the finger-licking food on the streets, explore the hole-in-the-wall dive bars, eat fresh sea food right on the sea-side, or sip on fancy cocktails at underground speakeasies. Feed your appetite with an experienced local on Qooley!


Stay fit with some morning yoga, relax with music sessions, discover the unknown vista points for your camera, test your cooking skills, own the dance floors with Salsa, take karate or kickboxing lessons, or step out of your comfort zone and find a new hobby. Whether you’re traveling for a few hours or several days, engage with locals that share your passions. Continue sharpening your skillsets while traveling on Qooley!

Drive Me

Why go through the hassle of renting cars, parking, or hailing countless rides to get around in the city? On Qooley, you can book a driver at your convenience – for several hours or several days, to drive you around the city or take you on long road trips outside of city limits. Travel Once the booking is confirmed, you will be able to contact the Qooley at a certain time prior to the meet-up time.