About Qooley

The Team

Kanishka Desai – Co-Founder

Anand Patel – Co-Founder

Our Story

Our Core Values

Build an Incredible Workplace

  • Facilitate & encourage human-to-human connections

  • Be fair & transparent with our stakeholders

  • Provide growth opportunity & boost to the local economy

Build an Incredible Community

  • Promote empathy & diversity

  • Instill respect & integrity

  • Encourage innovation & ingenuity

Our Mission

At Qooley, our mission is to improve the way people experience the world.

Our Vision

We envision Qooley as a platform where travelers can access truly enriching experiences that are catered to their interests and interact with locals who can provide convenience, along with uniqueness and authenticity to their surroundings. Moreover, Qooley will seek to drive the cultural exchange, the sharing of ideas and skills, and lifelong connections between people all over the world.