Who we are..

Our Story

During our travels, we noticed that many travelers were clueless without a guide – relying on reviews written on travel websites.

While backpackers experienced difficulties finding the right adventures to meet their interests, many solo travelers, as well as traveling families missed out on a true traveling experience. A true traveling experience in our view is the one that helps you live and experience the culture, immerse in local traditions, taste the local cuisine, and most importantly make life-long connections with the locals.

Our Mission

At Qooley, our mission is to connect people from all over the world and promote cultural exchange. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows people to learn about different ideas and skills, form life-long relationships, and gain new perspectives. Furthermore, we want to create an opportunity for the locals (Qooleys) to offer unique travel experiences.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a new trend in traveling where travelers can explore their destinations from the perspective of a local (Qooley)– the best way to learn about the culture, history, food, traditions, lifestyle, and most importantly, the people. Why explore the city on your own when you can have the company of a local to show you the hidden gems in the city!

Our Core Values

Build an Incredible Workplace

  • Promote empathy & diversity
  • Instill respect & integrity
  • Encourage innovation & ingenuity

Build an Incredible Community

  • Facilitate & encourage human-to-human connections
  • Be fair & transparent with our stakeholders
  • Provide growth opportunity & boost to the local economy